A Few Remarks On The Pick.

The pick in my estimation is the main factor in the present style of playing. The material, shape etc. of the pick make this possible.

I believe that there is but one practical material for picks, and that is genuine tortoise shell.

In searching for a piece of shell to work down I first bend it between the thumb, first and second fingers to test it's thickness and springness.

I find that a thin piece of shell with just a slight “give” answers the pur­pose better than a heavy piece with no resiliency.

After finding the right thickness of shell I pattern it to a size slightly larger than the diagram. I then work it down to a very smooth playing edge as the part that strikes the strings must be very smooth. This is absolutely necessary as any roughness will cause the stroke to be retarded.

I always roughen the top of the pick with a knife blade which enables me to keep a firm grip on it regardless of the strain.